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Ticks – Staying Safe This Summer

When exploring our lovely countryside, it’s useful to keep up to date and informed about potential risks. Now we’re into the warm summer, one to be aware of is how to keep safe from ticks and reduce the possibility of catching Lyme Disease when you’re … Continue reading

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Oh no not another assistant ranger !!!!

Hello In case you have yet to meet me, my name is Bobbie and I am the new assistant ranger, my main passion is reptiles and amphibians of which I regularly refer to as my herp-babies but in all honestly … Continue reading

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Continuing path improvements on Frimley track

This week we are at Frimley track again to finish off the resurfacing. We are having 20 tonnes of aggregate delivered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Each day is a race to get it down before the next delivery. … Continue reading

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Hatches Pot Holes Be Gone

We are returning to Frimley Hatches next week to carry on the path resurfacing works we started last month. Below are a couple photos showing the new surfacing of type 1 being rolled and compacted at the end of October, using … Continue reading

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Improving the north Frimley Hatches Meadow

Yesterday Jenny, Charlotte and I headed up to the north end of Frimley Hatches to hay-cut the northern bench meadow to promote wildflowers. It was also a good opportunity for Jenny and Charlotte to complete their motorscythe training. It was very … Continue reading

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Hatching a plan in Frimley

On Friday we headed over to cut back an overgrown track and Blackwater Valley Path sections at the north end of Frimley Hatches. This task was prioritised to tackle the rise in the camping and littering that we have dealt with … Continue reading

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