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Tame Tractor Test

Today Jenny and I have undertaken our 2 hour tractor assessment, which has been the culmination of over 5 days of training. I don’t think either of us realised there was so much to learn. We have used both our Kubota … Continue reading

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Adroit Tractor Training

Jenny, I and Jo from the Yateley Team of Hampshire County Council have been training on our shared tractors, first on the baby Kubota then on to the much bigger Massey. The latter is rather daunting since the front loader … Continue reading

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Hatches Pot Holes Be Gone

We are returning to Frimley Hatches next week to carry on the path resurfacing works we started last month. Below are a couple photos showing the new surfacing of type 1 being rolled and compacted at the end of October, using … Continue reading

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Cross Team Working – Meadow mowing at Yateley

On Tuesday this week both Ranger Stu and myself helped the Yateley Rangers to mow, cut and collect the field by the Cricketers. We managed to cut the whole meadow in the one day, below is Stu using the larger tractor with … Continue reading

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Green and Orange 

Today I’ve been out on our hire tractor mowing again. Today I tackled one section of Snaky Lane. There is a volunteer task on at Snaky Lane this Sunday if you’re interested in getting and helping while the weather is … Continue reading

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Rowhill Meadow Cutting

Andrew has started mowing the meadow at Rowhill with our tractor on hire.  Last year we hired a little blue compact tractor for our month of cut and collect across the valley.  This year we have a bright orange Kubota … Continue reading

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Just in time for Walk The Path

Yesterday Ben, Jenny, Mark and I installed a bench between the river and lake at Swan Lake.  This is the first Trust Appeal benches to be installed and just in time for Walk the Path on Sunday. First Mark used … Continue reading

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