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Troglodytes are moving in!

Today started like many of our others here at Ash Lock, packing up vehicles for our volunteers, moving trucks and trailers around. Stu was getting ready to head out to Chalk Farm with our volunteers to do more fencing.  Another … Continue reading

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Foot prints in the snow – Answers

We’ve had some very creative suggestions to the mystery animal tracks, including Fox, Wallaby and the illusive Jabberwocky. Well here are the answers with some ideas to help identify them. Animal 1 is a Rabbit hopping slowly. When they’re charging around at … Continue reading

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Firewood for sale – Support our Wood Gnomes

As the nights are getting longer and our days are getting colder, I thought its the perfect time to remember the hard working Wood Gnomes of Blackwater Valley. Once a month our dedicated volunteers spend the day processing wood to be sold … Continue reading

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Telephone Issues at Ash Lock

Please be aware that we are currently having issues with our landline.  Please email us if you need to get in contact.  If urgent please ring 07701 020667 which is now the emergency office number until the issue is resolved.

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Tea Break Flutters By

Yesterday I went for a stroll in our front garden at Ash Lock Cottage, a patch of grass just bigger than a tennis court, that we manage as a wildflower hay meadow. I discovered a hidden Field Vole (Microtus agrestis), a Brown Hawker Dragonfly (Aeshna … Continue reading

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Ticks – Staying Safe This Summer

When exploring our lovely countryside, it’s useful to keep up to date and informed about potential risks. Now we’re into the warm summer, one to be aware of is how to keep safe from ticks and reduce the possibility of catching Lyme Disease when you’re … Continue reading

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Small But Mighty Moths

Spring is my favourite time of year. The sun begins to shine and all sorts of wildlife come out of the woodwork (in some cases literally). A welcome sight today (although a bit unusual for a night creature) was a Small … Continue reading

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