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Stag-gering school for wildlife

On Saturday I joined parents, children and teachers at North Farnborough Infant School to rejuvenate their tired wildlife garden. The volunteers got stuck into weaving and replanting a willow igloo and creating a tower of pallets for minibeasts. Each class … Continue reading

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Coppicing Creations

This past Sunday Stuart and I were joined by volunteers from the Southwood Woodland Improvement Group (SWIG) and Guildford Royal Grammar School. The job of the day was to coppice some hazel stands within the woodland understory. Coppicing is a traditional woodland … Continue reading

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Frimley Fuel Allotments Scrub Removal

Sam, the volunteers and I joined the Frimley Fuel Allotment Conservation Team to help scrub bash an area that has been taken over by gorse and various tree species. Tony was keeping a good eye on our fire. As per … Continue reading

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Moor Green Lakes Work Party – Ochreous streams and stumperies

On a rainy Sunday 12th March we had the last work party of the winter led by Volunteer Leader Jon. In spite of the rain we had a good turnout of 11 and split into two groups. The first group … Continue reading

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Hatching a plan in Frimley

On Friday we headed over to cut back an overgrown track and Blackwater Valley Path sections at the north end of Frimley Hatches. This task was prioritised to tackle the rise in the camping and littering that we have dealt with … Continue reading

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Reaching for a larger SSSI meadow in Blackwater

Paul, Edmund and Mike recently joined us at Blackwater Reach, a small SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) meadow that we manage between the Sandhurst Memorial Park Pond and the River Blackwater. In addition to our Autumn volunteer hay cut, … Continue reading

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Gerrys Copse Bench and Stumpery

  Yesterday I was joined by 3 of the BVCP volunteers to help me with the installation of a new Oak bench and to install two new Stag Beetle Stumperies. Visitors may remember the metal bench at the Coleford Bridge end of … Continue reading

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