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Prince of Paths

This month Millgrove have been busy on Wellesley Woodlands for us, installing a section of path in a section of Prince’s Avenue woods where it is very wet and muddy in winter. We decided to take advantage of this dry … Continue reading

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Volunteer Programme August 2018

BVCP Volunteer Task Programme August 2018_(HF000016969298)

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Path cut at Heather Hill

Today we were lucky to be working in the shade of the trees at Heather Hill as the temperature reached 31 degrees! Our volunteers still managed to get a fantastic before and after, even with very persistent ants nipping away at … Continue reading

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Upkeep of North Farnborough Gate

Bobbie and I arrived to meet the volunteers and after setting up our base camp we received our site brief. Focusing mainly on being aware we would be working near some main roads and keeping hydrated and taking breaks when … Continue reading

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Tongham in Bloom

As we prepare for the arrival of the judges from Guildford in Bloom, nine of the volunteers from Tongham Wood Improvement Group (TWIG) met up for the July task. Great thanks goes to the BVCP, who on Friday took their … Continue reading

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Tractors descend on Wellesley

On Friday Stu and I headed up to Rushmoor Bottom to mow the field by the Wellington Statue, which was a good opportunity to use both our tractors. Senior Ranger Stuart

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Cutting the way

On Thursday 12 July I was joined by Paul, Mike, Eric, Matt and Ed at Chalk Farm, Wellesley Woodlands to cut back the paths and remove brambles from around the saplings planted roughly 4 years ago.  Matt, Ed and Mike … Continue reading

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Wellesley Woodland Hay cut

  Yesterday Blackwater Valley started its hay cutting. First on the list was Rushmoor Bottom Stream Meadow. We use our shared tractor to do most of our hay cuts, we also hire in the Amazone cut and collect. The smaller sites are  cut using our … Continue reading

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Ticks – Staying Safe This Summer

Now we’re into the warm summer, it’s useful to know how to keep safe from ticks and reduce the possibility of catching Lyme Disease when you’re exploring the countryside. Only a small number of ticks are infected with the bacteria that cause … Continue reading

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Our Phone is back!

BT have fixed our mainline so it’s back in action again!

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