Volunteer Leader Update: Hide Maintenance

This month volunteer leader Jane led a task at Moor Green Lakes to clear in front of both Grove Lake hide and viewing slot.

Fellow volunteer leader Duncan and sixteen volunteers turned up to help, including 3 young adults.

Reeds, bramble and willow were cleared in front of the hide to give a clear view of the lake and island, ideal for winter birdwatching. Several toads and a water scorpion were uncovered.  Also, the stream leading from Horseshoe Lake into Grove Lake was cleared and is now running freely providing another good habitat for birds.  Time left at the end of the afternoon was used to clear willow and silver birch from the reeds further along the shoreline.

Grove Hide Clear 1

Volunteers cutting back vegetation blocking the view from Grove Lake hide


Bramble, scrub and some small trees and branches were cleared from in front of the viewing slot giving a good view of the lake and the island. Everything cut was then used to bild dry hedges along the fences, ideal for small bird, mammals and many insects.

Grove Hide Clear 3

The now clear view of the beautiful Grove Lake

Many thanks to everyone, in particular those who came for the first time. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will join us again.

If you would like to learn more about Moor Green Lakes or help the group by volunteering then please see their website http://www.mglg.org.uk/.

Jane & Duncan

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Tices Lizard Watch

Whilst I was at Tices a few week back I made friends with this little fella. I think he came to me for a ride on the little tractor as I went on my merry way mowing around the Bat cave

Common Lizard

since cutting this section it has been reported that many of his friends have been seen basking in the sun.

Ranger Stu



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Fun things to do with a tractor no. 4

Today Jenny, Sam & I have been working at Pennefathers, and coming up with inventive uses for the tractor.

Acting Senior Ranger Stuart

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Phone working again

Great news. Our office phone is working again.

01252 331353

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River Restoration along the Blackwater Valley

From the 19th to 21st September we hosted three consecutive tasks as part of the Loddon Catchment Partnership Rivers Week. It was a huge success with a total of 22 volunteers helping out, enabling us to restore 370m of river and raise the profile of river restoration. To  find out what we’ve been getting up to, please have a look at the links below for each site, complete with lots of photos.

Frimley Hatches Report of Rivers Week 2017

Hawley Meadows Report of Rivers Week 2017

Rushmoor Bottom Report of Rivers Week 2017

Some of the intrepid volunteers at Frimley Hatches

Acting Senior Ranger Stuart


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Roving Round Royal Oak Valley 

Today Sam and I were joined by 14 volunteers working up in Yateley on the hidden Royal Oak Valley. We were joined by Nick and Callum from Hart District Council (HDC) to give us a substantial workforce to tackle the wet meadow.

We all got a shock when we arrived with all our hay cutting tools and motorscythe, to find someone had fly-cut part of the meadow. All very bizarre and my first as a ranger……

Anyway never to be defeated, the volunteers set to work cutting back invasive overhanging willow and hay cutting the remaining reeds and grass.

Sean and Eric hay raking

We also removed 3m3  of historic rubbish from the woods, which we sorted for recycling when we returned to the yard. After lunch we used a buck-rake on the motorscythe to push the hay into piles, and re-home the plentiful army of frogs.

Chris trying out the buck-rake

The glamorous volunteers

Thank you to everyone for all their hard work on this sunny day.

Acting Senior Ranger Stuart

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Tices Bat cave.

On Wednesday I took our little tractor over to Tices meadow. The purpose of the task is to try to help improve the area around the Bat cave at the far end of the site. This section was used by Hansons as an area to put all of the large plant equipment. Currently there is a large amount of thistle and dock there not to mention the willow.

I managed to cut all I could do with the little tractor until it became unstable so I had to then call it a day.

Ranger Stu


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