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Mowing Blackwater Meadows

Last week the BVCP Rangers enlisted the help of the Robomower. This time at Blackwater Meadows to reduce the amount of bramble and other scrub taking over the SSSI meadows.   The meadows are designated SSSI because they support rich plant … Continue reading

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Wildflower Wonderland

This year the BVC Trust began a major project to improve the understory of our woodlands across the valley. As they are, the floor of our woodlands is mostly comprised of bramble and nettles due to a lack of connectivity … Continue reading

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Hawley Meadows Power Planting

Mid-autumn is the perfect time to sow wildflower seeds and that’s just what we have been doing here at Blackwater Valley. At the beginning of October, I was joined by BVC Trustees Bernard and Chris and volunteers Edmund, Jeremy and … Continue reading

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Kennels Lane Meadow gets a Haircut!

On Tuesday 5th of September, our volunteers joined Bobbie and me at Kennels Lane Meadow for a spot of maintenance work. The aim of the day was to enhance the grassland habitat on the site. Continue reading

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Like Finding a Flower in a Haystack

Last week saw the commencement of our annual hay cut. First off, the three meadows over at Swan Lake Park. One of the biggest reasons we deploy this practice every year is to improve the diversity of the wildflower population on … Continue reading

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Awash with woodland wildflowers

Laura & I have been on a course to learn how to promote woodland wildflowers through creation on glades and dappled shade. It will be interesting to develop these management techniques along the valley like Southwood & Wellesley Woodlands. At … Continue reading

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Covebrook Hay cut for wildflowers

On Tuesday our gaggle of keen volunteers hay-cut meadows along Covebrook by Blunden Hall. Volunteers from Cove Brook Greenway Group and Blackwater Valley, joined forces to improve the meadows. They used a motorscythe machine to cut the hay which was … Continue reading

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