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Successful path cut at Farnborough Gate

On Tuesday we were unexpectedly at Farnborough Gate due to a change in task plans. As you will see from the photos this was a benefit as the path did need a good bit of TLC. It was a lovely … Continue reading

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The benefits of taking photographs to identify insects

They say that the largest group of insects- indeed of all animals- is beetles. Sometimes wandering down the Blackwater Valley one wonders if in fact the largest group are large, irritatingly conspicuous, and unrecognizable ones.  What are they? Luckily we … Continue reading

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Claycart Mission – Search and destroy Laurel and Robina

Our Thursday task this week was based at Claycart were there have been invasive species sneaking their way out over time, so we set our volunteers on them !     First off we started removing the Robina, which took … Continue reading

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Corporate task (Saving the Saplings !)

Thursday 27th we had the pleasure of staff from Surrey County Council joining our usual Thursday volunteer task which was based at Thorn Hill. The main task of the day was to make happy saplings :). By this I mean … Continue reading

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There’s a river there somewhere…

Chris Bean, one of our volunteers, was out on Christmas Eve at Hawley Meadows and got some fabulous shots of the flooding.  I met a few people out there on that Tuesday who were surprised at the extent of the … Continue reading

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