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Ash Meadow Pond task

Thursday the 18th of January our wonderful volunteers cleared the willow around Ash Meadow Pond. This was so the pond would be more visible and appealing from the path. Eric was showing us how its done, who needs a chainsaw ? … Continue reading

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Claycart Mission – Search and destroy Laurel and Robina

Our Thursday task this week was based at Claycart were there have been invasive species sneaking their way out over time, so we set our volunteers on them !     First off we started removing the Robina, which took … Continue reading

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Ghoulish Grants Moor, MWA HAHA

It wasn’t that bad really, but had to get a Halloween pun in there somewhere. Yesterday our team of volunteers managed a small patch of heathland in Grants Moor for our reptile friends, and we had a massive team of 20 people ! Good … Continue reading

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Making steps and finding steps

On Tuesday 22nd we were based at Wharf Copse in Wellesley, with half the team (consisting of Stu, Laura, Duncan, Paul, Ed and Melvyn) the other side of the A325 busy creating some wonderful steps in from the road down to the Basingstoke … Continue reading

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Hollybush Hill Haycut

On Thursday last week Paul, Janet and Callum joined Sam, Stu and I to complete a hay cut at Hollybush Hill. The area had a large quantity of Canadian Goldenrod, which is an invasive species and prevents precious sunlight reaching native wildflowers and … Continue reading

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Small But Mighty Moths

Spring is my favourite time of year. The sun begins to shine and all sorts of wildlife come out of the woodwork (in some cases literally). A welcome sight today (although a bit unusual for a night creature) was a Small … Continue reading

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Parrot’s Feather and Frog’s Spawn at Darby Green Pond

Last week Stuart and I were joined by volunteers to remove more Parrot’s Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) from Darby Green Pond. We adopted the method perfected on our previous task last November. Although this time it was particularly tricky as most … Continue reading

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