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Hollybush Hill Haycut

On Thursday last week Paul, Janet and Callum joined Sam, Stu and I to complete a hay cut at Hollybush Hill. The area had a large quantity of Canadian Goldenrod, which is an invasive species and prevents precious sunlight reaching native wildflowers and … Continue reading

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Improving the north Frimley Hatches Meadow

Yesterday Jenny, Charlotte and I headed up to the north end of Frimley Hatches to hay-cut the northern bench meadow to promote wildflowers. It was also a good opportunity for Jenny and Charlotte to complete their motorscythe training. It was very … Continue reading

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The Logic Group Hay Cut Hollybush Hill

Last Wednesday 12 volunteers from The Logic Group lent their hands to a spot of hay cutting. The day began with beautiful sunshine. Kit was unloaded from truck and trailer and everyone pitched in to carry it all over the pedestrian … Continue reading

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Hollybush Hill Spruce Up

The beautiful Hollybush Hill meadow received a well earned spring makeover lately. Mark used the tractor to cut back vegetation encroaching on the Blackwater Valley Path and mow paths into the meadow. This allows for much easier access and encourages visitors to stick … Continue reading

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New Hollybush Gate Installed

Last week the rangers replaced the old lower vehicle access gate at Hollybush, which had become bent from vehicles backing into it and vandalised last year when someone cut the hinge. Senior Ranger Andrew

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A Mini Mower

Have you seen a blue compactor tractor in the valley recently?  Andrew, George and I have been out mowing all last week and will be again this week. We’ve been to Hollybush, Swan Lake, Southwood and Rushmoor Bottom so far, with … Continue reading

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Blackwater Valley path diversion at Hollybush

The Blackwater Valley Path near North Camp Station has been diverted; gates have been erected blocking access to the riverside route. Public use of this section of path was agreed by previous landowners secured by a legal agreement with Rushmoor … Continue reading

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