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Cutting the way

On Thursday 12 July I was joined by Paul, Mike, Eric, Matt and Ed at Chalk Farm, Wellesley Woodlands to cut back the paths and remove brambles from around the saplings planted roughly 4 years ago.  Matt, Ed and Mike … Continue reading

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Bat Walk Tonight

Steve is leading a Bat Walk tonight at Chalk Farm, Wellesley Woodlands.  The weather looks like it should have cleared by then so the bats will be out and about so come on a  dusk walk listening to and spotting … Continue reading

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Chalk Farm Cutting

Today the Tuesday volunteers were at Chalk Farm cutting back the paths and the picnic area, despite the occasional downpour. When we were busy raking the grass and bracken up at the picnic area, we came across a resident…. …who … Continue reading

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Hot Rangers model yellow suits

Part of our work at this time of the year is to spray off Japanese Knotweed as it is an invasive species that tends to out compete our native flora.  For us that means full protective suits and rigorous cleaning … Continue reading

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