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Cows Return to Hawley Meadows

This week we were very excited to be able to get cows back at Hawley Meadows! The landscapes of the UK are not truly “natural” rather they’re the result of the interaction of natural processes and the activities of people. … Continue reading

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Belted Galloways by Sunset

Dusk at Moor Green Lakes can be very pretty, and this week was no exception with the orange-infused lake reflections. Also some of our cattle wandered along to say hello, including this friendly Belted Galloway with it’s distinctive curly coat … Continue reading

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Mooving Along At Tices Meadow

Have you seen there are now 10 Dexter cattle down at Tices Meadow?  They will be on site all winter, giving the grass a much needed shortening.  These cattle have grazed for us before up at Hawley Meadows, so if … Continue reading

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Hawley Meadows fence paddling

Today I’ve been paddling in Hawley Meadows to remove one of our fences across the river, which in the Summer season is used to stop the cattle waddling off up river. It turned out the wire had been snapped in the floods, so cue lots … Continue reading

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Racing to mend corral at Hawley Meadows

Last week Laura took Mike, Chris and I out to Hawley Meadows to replace two broken gates on the corral. The gates fit in the enclosure at either end of the race, which form a narrow corridor to help separate and … Continue reading

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Moor Green cattle fencing with IHS

Yesterday some keen volunteers braved the forecast of heavy rain, to help out at Moor Green. Half of the 18 volunteers repaired fencing around Grove Lake to make it stock-proof for our tame moofers. The others cut back the Blackwater … Continue reading

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