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Constructing a Fine Fence

The next construction task we undertook at Southwood Woodland last month was to repair a boundary fence. The fence off Kennel’s Lane in Farnborough had been driven into several times, enough to destroy a section of it. So the volunteers … Continue reading

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Excavating A New Habitat

At Southwood Woodland this past month we have undertaken two construction tasks. The first task was to install a new pond in the main grassland glade as part of the agreed management plan for the woodland. The pond will add … Continue reading

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Wildflower Wonderland

This year the BVC Trust began a major project to improve the understory of our woodlands across the valley. As they are, the floor of our woodlands is mostly comprised of bramble and nettles due to a lack of connectivity … Continue reading

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Scraping by at Southwood Woodland

Today I’ve been out with our tractor finishing of the main meadow hay cut that Stu started on Friday.  I tackled the Common Reed (Phragmities australis) at the wetter end, which I’m pleased to say that after 3 dry days … Continue reading

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Southwood Seed Drive

On a previous Sunday, I was joined by the budding Southwood volunteers for our monthly task. However, unlike the usual routine, this month we were undertaking the collection of Bluebell seeds as part of the Blackwater Valley Trust woodland wildflowers project. Southwood … Continue reading

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Southwood Golf Course Consultation

Rushmoor Borough Council are currently asking for peoples views on the option to convert Southwood Golf Course into new natural open parkland, which lies between Southwood Woodland and the Cove Brook. To find out more and have your say on the … Continue reading

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Finding the Silver Lining

Here at Blackwater Valley, you never know what you’re going to come across when you take a wander through our many sites. Beautiful flora and fauna can be found at every turn and during a recent task over at Southwood … Continue reading

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