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Snowy Hedge-Laying on the Cove Brook

Yesterday the volunteers joined Sam and I to lay a hedge in the Birch Brook Reserve on the Cove Brook. Last year we laid the hedge to the right of the gate to open up the view to visitors and provide a … Continue reading

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Wildflower Wonderland

This year the BVC Trust began a major project to improve the understory of our woodlands across the valley. As they are, the floor of our woodlands is mostly comprised of bramble and nettles due to a lack of connectivity … Continue reading

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Making Hay along the Cove Brook

Yesterday I headed out to Southwood Meadows, which is a stretch of wet meadows near the source of the Cove Brook by Hazel Avenue. I hay cut the northern drier end of the meadows  at a spritely 1.7mph. Despite the showers the mower did … Continue reading

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Lone Ranger – Covebrook Southwood Meadows Task

On Thursday the 31st I had the joy of leading my first task ALONE !!!! In the near future, our big Massey tractor will be on its way to the Covebrook for its yearly hay cut, unfortunately access to the meadow … Continue reading

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Southwood Golf Course Consultation

Rushmoor Borough Council are currently asking for peoples views on the option to convert Southwood Golf Course into new natural open parkland, which lies between Southwood Woodland and the Cove Brook. To find out more and have your say on the … Continue reading

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Ticks – Staying Safe This Summer

When exploring our lovely countryside, it’s useful to keep up to date and informed about potential risks. Now we’re into the warm summer, one to be aware of is how to keep safe from ticks and reduce the possibility of catching Lyme Disease when you’re … Continue reading

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Dashing Demoiselles in Cove Brook

Yesterday at the Cove Brook Fun Day, Bobbie and I showed off pond dipped wildlife from the brook. One notable sighting was this nymph, which is rather on the large side for a damselfly larva. The three leaf-like caudal lamellae that … Continue reading

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